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Picking a Puppy

This is the first crucial step in finding that special pet for your family. You should research the breeds. Be aware of the time commitment of a new puppy, the vet costs (especially in the first year), training time, exercise requirements and grooming needs of the breed you choose.

Once you narrow it down, visit a breeder or two. Talk to other owners of the breed. When talking to a breeder be honest about your family circumstances and environment. Picking a pup is an important step towards a new family member, who will be counting on you and your family for the next ten to fifteen years.

The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever becomes a best friend! They are a breed that always desires company….at your feet, beside your bed or out for a walk. They seem to sense when you are upset, sad or excited. They need exercise, regular brushing and occasional grooming. Long walks, runs, playing fetch or chasing a soccer ball are fun for them. They have been known to do well in small yards or condo’s but commitment by the owner for walking is a must. The Golden Retriever is intelligent, easy to train but will require love and dedication in return. They make a great pet for singles, couples or a family with children. A well bred golden retriever is a pleasure to have in any home!

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